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Kitchen Sinks & Bathroom Taps

Kitchen Sinks & Bathroom Taps

Choose from our selection of beautiful sinks and taps. Let your dream kitchen become a reality!


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When it comes to kitchen sinks, there are so many models to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Size does matter, especially when you have a large family or love to cook. Give thought to how many bowls you need, will you use the sink for food preparation, and how much space is available.

Unless space is limited, two bowls are a must for every kitchen – one for washing and another for rinsing. The luxury of a third prep bowl is an option to consider if you have the space, the budget, and the need. If you regularly wash dishes, as opposed to loading up the dishwasher (if you have one), then larger bowls and a lengthy draining board are perfect. The bigger bowls allow you to soak larger items rather than struggle to wash them over the bowl.

Most sinks are available as either top-mount (inset) or under-mount options, while newer models are mounted flush with the countertop. While insert sinks are the easiest to install and the most affordable, under-mount sinks give you the flexibility to mix and match different bowls to create your own sink configuration.

A top-mount or inset sink is installed on top of the countertop, into a cutout, and then sealed around the edge where the sink lip meets the countertop

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No longer is your kitchen tap just for utility purposes, it also needs to complement the overall style and design of your kitchen, and it can even become a focal feature in the room. The sink area provides an opportunity to add new design elements to your kitchen space. Chrome or stainless steel finishes still reign supreme, but you can choose whether it has a matte or shiny finish.

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