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Woodcare Solutions

Woodcare Solutions

Varnishes, Oils & Stains

From high gloss finishes to oil-based sealers and natural wood oils, we have the right solution.

We stock a variety of wood varnishes to protect your wood.


At TimBuild Trichardt we stock a large variety of varnishes because wood is our business and it needs the right protection and care.

Be it an exterior varnish for a high gloss look or an oil-based wood sealer. Wood sealers are great for the exterior as they require just a good wipe down after a year and a new coat to ensure the longevity of the wood. We always recommend that the client first adds 30% turps to the first coat to ensure the oil pulls into the wood properly giving it a good base to start from.

We have beautiful natural wood oil Like Pro-Nature which leaves a wonderful citrus smell after application and a lovely natural look to the wood.

If you are looking for a bit more funky look to your wood our wide range of stains will afford you the ability to do this. From a dark imbuia to a funky light pink we have it covered.

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Woodcare Solutions
Woodcare Solutions
Woodcare Solutions
Woodcare Solutions
Woodcare Solutions

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