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Supagloss And Supamatt Boards

Supagloss & Supamatt Boards

Latest In Style

If you want your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office to reflect the absolute latest in style – our range of Supagloss and Supamatt boards are what you need.

SupaGloss Finish

SupaGloss boards gives you a high-end, desirable and hard-wearing high gloss decorative finish. Locally manufactured by PG Bison, to international standards, MelaWood® SupaGloss™ gives you the assurance of a dependable, readily available product, consistent in colour and surface finish. You never have to worry about one batch of board not matching the next or the possibility of discolouration.

SupaGloss is supplied with a protective film to shield the gloss face during handling and processing, so your finished product can arrive on site looking as good as you intended.

SupaMatt Finish

SupaMatt has a soft, silky-smooth and sophisticated finish, adding a sense of elegance to any setting. This luxurious ultra-matt experience is for use in vertical applications only.

Although matt surfaces can be prone to showing fingerprints, MelaWood SupaMatt incorporates leading technology to reduce the visibility of such fingerprints under normal, day-to-day conditions.

Please note, it cannot prevent fingerprints entirely, as there will always be a transfer of surface oils from your fingertips to the surface of the panel. With the correct care and treatment, this can be kept to a minimum. Ideal for Kitchen and Bedroom cupboard doors or used as part of the design finish in your kitchen

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