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PVC Foam Board

100% Recyclable

The boards are manufactured from polymers and thermoplastics, thereby providing the advantage of 100% recyclability, which ensures the smallest environmental impact. This is something we hold dear.

Our product provides additional advantages to MDF, Chipboard and Melamine, with its natural resistance to, not only moisture, but also to insects. We find this to be extremely important.

Fresh from production, PVC Foam Boards provide a consistently smooth and bright surface. They are lightweight, durable and provide excellent chemical resistance. In addition, the boards possess excellent thermal properties, making PVC Foam Board a versatile choice, suitable for both Interior and Exterior use.

Foam Boards are easily handled and can be machined using circular saws, jigsaws and CNC machines. They can be printed on, painted, Ducoed or laminated with either timber veneer or a PVC vinyl with 1000s of designs available, potentially, rendering all interior elements “Green” and formaldehyde-free.

timbuild supawood doors close up
timbuild laser cutout wood
supawood house mini shelves

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PVC Foam Board Specs

Standard Sizes

2440 mm x 1220 mm


3, 6, 9, 12 and 16 mm

Please check availability of thicknesses

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