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Renovate Or Build
Renovate Or Build

Thinking of renovating or expanding a room in your home? Renovating an out-dated space in your home not only adds to your enjoyment of the living space, but also the value of your home. Here are some tips to help you ensure your project runs smoothly.

  1. Set up a budget. When renovating or building, costing is essential. Create a budget and stick to it. Remember if a contractor is helping you he must give you a clear and detailed quote. Be sure to thoroughly check references from his/her previous clients. It is always a good idea to have a 10% – 20% contingency to allow for unexpected expenses.
  2. Have a clear design and end goal. Do you want to restore the original appearance or create a whole new dramatically different style? Think carefully about functionality and focus on introducing natural light, which has the power to transform a living space.
  3. Write up a schedule of works. This will also give you a time frame for your project and ensure that you plan around the impact one task will have on another. For example re-wiring before plastering and painting.
  4. Remember the 3 S’s. Salvage anything you can re-use such as old sanitary ware that can be cleaned up. Sell things that can be re-used, but are not necessary or Send stuff that can be re-used by someone or an organisation in need, such as charity stores on and pay it forward.
  5. Put your personal stamp on the finishings. Skirting boards and wardrobes can be put in, floor finishes can be laid, tiles can be applied, and the decorating work can begin. Save money on expensive floor finishes by not installing it underneath kitchen units and islands, it can prove a false economy if you decide to change the layout later. The colour scheme you choose depends on whether this is a home for life or a project you plan to sell on in a few years. It is best to stick to a quality, classic design over passing interior trends – less is definitely more. Think longevity when choosing a design. If you’re creating your own home, luxury items can always be addressed at a later date, so look at creating a strong canvas to build upon over the coming years.

TimBuild Stellenbosh’s range of Smart DIY Cupboards could be the perfect solution when renovating kitchens and bedrooms. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about drilling planks together, constructing from scratch or finding the right screws. The Smart DIY and pre-assembled cupboard units are available in a wide range of shapes, styles and finishes.

All you need to do is bring specific measurements down to a store near you and let us assist in the design of your new storage space. As a team of professionals we are always available to guide you in store, as well as advising and providing you with top-quality hardware and tools. With your ideas and our expertise, you can create an entire cupboard structure according to:

  • Your work surface layout
  • How much storage space you need
  • The traffic flow in the room

A Smart DIY Cupboard saves you hours of time. TimBuild Trichardt does the cutting, drilling and edging all before delivery of your pre-assembled cupboards. However, if you’re uncertain about the designs you want, there are several kinds of pre-assembled cupboards available to choose from:

  • Floor Units – free-standing storage units which include drawers, grocery and floor corner cupboards
  • Wall Units – affixed to surfaces, the choices comprise wall-end display, multi-level shelving and corner units
  • Specialist Units – made to order using your dimensions, including double door shelves, hanging cupboards and sink cabinets. (These are not assembled or drilled, specialist units client to assemble and drill)

Good luck with your renovation or building project, may the end result give you many hours of joy!