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Safety First

Safety First
Safety First

2020 has arrived! Hopefully you had a well-deserved break and you’re back at work ready, energized and positive!

At TimBuild Trichardt we want to help you kick off the year on the right foot.  Safety is important. Any building site, be it a smaller DIY project area or bigger construction sites are dangerous places. Building sites and professional contractors are regulated by health and safety laws and regulations, the purpose of this article is to give you a quick overview of 10 easy check points (reminders after the holidays) to help you ensure your building work area is as safe as possible.

Wear your PPE at all times

Personal Protective Equipment can’t protect you if you don’t wear it. Wear your hard hat, safety boots, ear plugs, safety goggles and hi-viz vest as a minimum, along with any additional PPE required for the task being carried out. Your local TimBuild Trichardt has a range of PPE products available to suit your needs.

Do not start work without an induction

For smaller projects make sure you orientate yourself, check for possible dangers, work flow barriers etc. For bigger sites make sure anybody new to the sites are familiarised with general aspects such as where to sign in, where to go, what to do, and what to avoid. Don’t start work without one.

Keep a tidy site

Construction work is messy. Slips and trips might not seem like a major problem compared to other high-risk work happening on the site, but don’t be fooled. According to HSE statistics, slips and trips accounted for 30% of specified major injuries on construction sites (2016/17 – 2018/19).

Do not put yourself or others at risk

Actions speak louder than words. Especially on construction sites where one wrong move could put you in harm’s way. Set a good example, think safety and act safely on site.

Follow safety signs and procedures:

Control measures are put in place for your safety. Make sure they are in place and working before you start.

Never work in unsafe areas

Make sure your work area is safe. Know what is happening around you. Be aware. According to HSE statistics, 14% of fatalities in construction were caused by something collapsing or overturning, and 11% by being struck by a moving vehicle (2014/15-2018/19).

Don’t work at height without suitable guard rails or other fall prevention. Don’t enter unsupported trenches. Make sure you have safe access. Don’t work below crane loads or other dangerous operations.

Report defects and near misses

On larger sites, ensure that any problems that are reported gets attention and are rectified as soon as possible. The sooner problems are resolved the less chance for an accident to occur.

Never tamper with equipment

Don’t try and force something, or alter something, if you’re trained to or supposed to.

Never remove guard rails or scaffold ties. Do not remove machine guards. Do not attempt to fix defective equipment unless you are competent to do so.

Use the right equipment

One tool does not fit all. Using the correct tool for the job will get it done quicker, and most importantly, safer. Visually check equipment is in good condition and safe to use before you start. At TimBuild Trichardt, we sell a range of Power Tools and Hand Tools, our sales team are trained to guide you in choosing the correct tool for the job at hand, be it DIY or Industrial.

If in doubt, ask

Unsure what to do? Or how to do something safely? Or you think something is wrong? Stop work, and ask. Our knowledgeable sales team will gladly assist and answer questions regarding products, applications and user instructions.

And there you have it, 10 ways to check and ensure you and your staff stay safe this year.